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“Pulling Weeds”

“PULLING WEEDS” Joey and Carla Link August 2012, December 2018   I have never heard of anyone talk of time spent pulling weeds in their yard as time they enjoyed. Time well spent perhaps, but certainly not enjoyed, especially as it is usually a chore done under the hot summer sun. Joey is the gardener […]

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Training Children’s Hearts

Moms frequently tell us they intend to catch up on the training of their children, which gets away from parents with the busyness of life. When is life going to slow down enough for you to catch up? It is not. You are going to have to slow your life down by saying “No” to […]

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Summer Routines

Summer is a kid’s delight! They look forward to the end of school with anticipation. It is not long however, before many moms are counting the days until school starts again, even if they homeschool. Why? With school comes routine. Let me ask you this – what do your kids do with too much free […]

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What’s a ‘Pre-Activity Warning’?

Let Them Know Upfront Joey & Carla Link May 2012   We were at an orthopedic medical facility for an appointment. While we were walking down the long hallway to the department we were headed to, a boy, around six years of age was turning in circles not paying any attention to what he was […]

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Do Your Children Know “Why” It Is Right To Do Something?

“Pick up your toys.” “Clean your room.” “Be good.” “Stay out of trouble.” “Settle down.” “Be kind to your sister.” “Let your brother go first.” These are common statements made by every parent. As parents, we need to give our children the ‘moral reason why’. Which of the statements above would be ‘moral’ in context? […]

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