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WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON WITH YOUR KIDS? by Joey & Carla Link © June 23, 2014      Summer activities are in full swing. In driving around town we have seen lots of baseball games and soccer games being played. We observe the uniforms of the teams and families filling the stands to cheer […]

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Are You a “Fun Daddy”?

Are You a “Fun Daddy”? by Joey & Carla Link June 2014 There are unforgettable moments in parenting, both good and bad. Once, when walking down the hallway of our home, I (Carla) heard one of my children refer to me as the “Mean Mom”. I was stunned. I will admit our standards were tougher […]

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Macro or Micro Rebellion

Macro or Micro Rebellion Which is Your Child Characterized By? by Joey & Carla Link 2014   What is ‘Macro’ Rebellion?  Macro refers to BIG. Think of the child who throws major tantrums, fits, and is always in your face with defiance.  When a boundary is spelled out to them, they will throw themselves over […]

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What Not to Do

Are your kids getting on your nerves? Do you wonder why you have to tell your kids to do the same thing over and over and over again? Why can’t your kids get along? The baby is screaming again and you have no idea what made you think you could handle another child. So, are […]

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With Responsibility Comes Freedom

With Responsibility Comes Freedom by Joey and Carla Link © 1996,2002   One Saturday morning when our son Michael was about 13 years old, a friend called and asked him to go play ball with him. Michael asked me if he could go. I had gotten into the habit of hounding Michael to get his […]

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