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Like, Love or Lust?

Like, Love or Lust? By Joey & Carla Link February 19, 2020 I still remember the time when I was in 2nd grade and I was handed a folded up piece of paper from a classmate next to me that said on it “Pass to Sally.” The teacher grabbed it and read it aloud. The […]

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Love “Pings”

Love “Pings” Joey and Carla Link February 12, 2019   How do parents explain to their kids what is going on inside them when they start to like a boy or girl of the opposite sex? In the “Dating, Courting & Choosing a Mate, What Works?” teaching we list four “pings” that set apart one […]

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The Dating Question

The Dating Question Joey and Carla Link February 5, 2020   It was surprising one day when our son who was in the second grade had a phone call from a girl inviting him to go roller skating with her. We knew there was a couple’s dance during the event where they would hold hands […]

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Honest Mistakes

Honest Mistakes By Joey & Carla Link January 29, 2020 I (Joey) was intrigued when I read a story about Lee Ann Walker a professional woman’s golfer. While playing in a tournament in 2019 after taking 8 years off from the sport, she learned she didn’t know about a rule change that said her caddie […]

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Creatively Disobedient Kids

Creatively Disobedient Kids By Joey & Carla Link January 22, 2020 It’s always interesting to see how creative kids can get when they don’t want to obey. In last week’s blog we told the story about our daughter when Carla called her name 3 different times and on the 3rd time she ran to Carla […]

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