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Teaching and Training

Teaching and Training By Joey & Carla Link March 18, 2020 I (Carla) just gave my 8 year old grandson a piano lesson via Facetime. I had to stop him several times as I was trying to explain a new concept to him, teaching him about musical “ties”.¬†Teaching¬†is “imparting knowledge”. This means teachers know more […]

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Why Teens Need A Routine

Why Teens Need A Routine By Joey & Carla Link March 11, 2020 After reading last week’s blog on routine written primarily for young children, a friend, a mother of 4 primarily college age kids had this to say, “Everyone needs routine! Even when the young adults are home, everything runs more peacefully when we […]

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Why Routine?

Why Routine? By Joey & Carla Link March 4, 2020 Some moms never see the need for a routine. Others, who use the eat, wake, sleep cycle with their babies tend to let routine go when their children become toddlers and as a result, things soon get out of control. We encourage you to keep […]

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Is Your Child A Surprise?

Is Your Child A Surprise? By Joey & Carla Link February 26, 2020 A couple from my college youth group married. They were very surprised to find a couple months later that they had gotten pregnant on their honeymoon. We know others who thought their families were complete when years later a “surprise package” joined […]

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Like, Love or Lust?

Like, Love or Lust? By Joey & Carla Link February 19, 2020 I still remember the time when I was in 2nd grade and I was handed a folded up piece of paper from a classmate next to me that said on it “Pass to Sally.” The teacher grabbed it and read it aloud. The […]

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