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How Strong are Your Expectations?

By Joey and Carla LinkMay 18, 2022 How do you stop a child from arguing with you? It is very frustrating when you give your child an instruction and they argue with you. Your first impulse is to argue back and that quickly gets you into a power struggle. How do your kids build a […]

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When Sorry Isn’t Enough

By Joey and Carla LinkMay 11, 2022 When our son was about 12 years old, we were struggling with an on-going behavior issue with him. We kept talking to him and dealt with his refusal to obey consistently. One day, out of frustration, I (Joey) said to him “You need to admit you are wrong” […]

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Training Your Children’s Hearts

By Joey and Carla LinkMay 5, 2021 Your kids are squabbling at the breakfast table. Again. With a deep sigh you go in to intervene, not really caring who started it as they are all guilty. You long for a day that starts in peace and quiet. Is it really too hard for your kids […]

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Do Your Kids Know How to Pray?

By Joey and Carla LinkMay 4, 2022 Have you taught your kids how to pray? As parents, we try to teach our kids healthy eating and sleeping habits so they’re able to develop properly. In the same way, we hope you’re teaching your kids how to talk to God and helping them develop a healthy […]

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Failure, The Back Door to Success

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 27, 2022 Let’s be honest, do you ever feel like a parenting failure? Do you wonder if what you are doing is right in training your kids? Are you afraid of making a mistake, or that you are going to mess them up? Do you worry if you are too […]

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