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If You Don’t Mean It, Don’t Say It

Roxie Ramseyer November 29, 2023 When our 4 boys were young there were so many days when I was just exhausted! It seemed that the unending physical tasks of raising little bodies was at times overwhelming, but that paled in comparison to the feelings of fatigue with the unending need to train them to have […]

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Helping Your Kids Choose to do the Right Thing

CarrieAnne Langdon November 8, 2023 It can be overwhelming to have to make a lot of choices for anyone, much less a little one!  Do you realize how many times a day you offer your kids choices? What cereal do you want this morning? Do you want to wear the red top or the blue one? […]

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Encouragement Works

By Joey & Carla Link November 1, 2023 Your kids will go through times it seems like they are never going to do the right thing. You have given them consequences, but still no change. If you have consistently used lots of consequences with your child and see no difference in his/her behavior, how about […]

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