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Dealing with a Proud Child

By Joey & Carla Link April 7, 2021 Do your kids get big heads? Do they think they know more than you do? Do they walk around with their chest puffed out showing a proud, conceited, arrogant heart? Do you have a child who is in the habit of bossing others around, telling them what to do […]

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Celebrating Jesus

By Joey and Carla Link December 16, 2020 How do your kids celebrate Jesus’ birthday? It’s one thing to play Christmas songs, have a manager set up in your home, and read Christmas stories to them. It is quite another thing for them to understand this baby grew up to die on the cross to […]

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How Is Your Child’s Judgement?

By Joey and Carla Link November 11, 2020 I recently saw a boy riding his bicycle down the middle line of a road because he thought no cars were coming. There was no mirror on his bike and he had his earbuds in so he didn’t hear or see the police car coming up behind […]

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5. How To Trust Your Untrustable Child

It drives parents crazy when they cannot trust their child who says “I will never ever do it again.” Yet in the next few days or weeks, that trust is broken once again! Find out how your untrustable child can become trustable again. Recommended Resources from This Session: Mom’s Notes: – “Parenting As Partners” CD/MP3 […]

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4. What Do I Do With A Child Who Talks Back To Me?

When kids talk back to their parents it is to question and challenge their parent’s authority over them. Learn what parents can do and how to change this merry-go-round. Recommended Resources from This Session: Mom’s Notes: – “Understanding First Time Obedience” CD/MP3 & Notes/PDF Notes Book/MP3: – “Why Can’t I Get My My Kid’s to […]

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