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How is Your Crop Growing?

How is Your Crop Growing? Joey and Carla Link August 2015 I was driving by some corn fields recently and was thinking about all the work a farmer puts in to get those corn plants into the ground. From the off-season planning to working on the equipment to be sure it is in good working order […]

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Fighting the Consistency Battle

Fighting the Consistency Battle Joey and Carla Link July 2015 The kids were finally in bed. Michelle looked at her husband and said, “We need to kick it in gear and get them to be responsible for the things they need to do. I am tired of chasing them around all day trying to find […]

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Why Do We Lecture Our Kids?

Why Do We Lecture Our Kids? by Joey and Carla Link June 2015   When parents lecture, they think they are helping their children by reminding them of the training and teaching they have given them. We don’t think there is a parent alive who is going to say lectures get their child to make […]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning by Joey and Carla Link May 2015 photo by Refuge Studios In our Midwestern town, they have what is called spring cleanup days. You can get rid of furniture and other items you no longer want, setting stuff out in front of your house on a specific day and the city cleanup crews […]

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Successful Kids

SUCCESSFUL KIDS   by Joey & Carla Link April 2015 photo credit: freemagebank  A friend of mine who is the CEO of a very large company with plants in several countries often talks about how he uses some human resource business practices in the parenting of his kids. One of his favorite phrases he likes to use […]

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