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Dealing with a Proud Child

By Joey & Carla Link April 7, 2021 Do your kids get big heads? Do they think they know more than you do? Do they walk around with their chest puffed out showing a proud, conceited, arrogant heart? Do you have a child who is in the habit of bossing others around, telling them what to do […]

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What Are Your Kids Growing?

By Joey and Carla Link March 31, 2021 I (Joey) looked out the window and saw that the snow had melted and I was surprised to see fresh green grass popping up today. Now that spring has sprung, I started to wonder what is cropping up in the hearts of kids? What new influences could be starting to […]

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Good Pride vs. Bad Pride

By Joey and Carla LinkMarch 24, 2021 Good Pride – “Satisfaction in a job well done that took a lot of effort.”Bad Pride – “When a person believes he or she is better than others and knows more than everyone else, or when a person believes he is capable of something he really isn’t.”I (Carla) spent several months […]

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Name Calling

By Joey and Carla LinkMarch 17, 2021 In the “Back to the Future” movies, the word “Chicken” always caught Marty McFly’s ear. You could call him any other name, criticize him and say anything else bad about him, but when you called him “CHICKEN!”, it made him mad and he wanted to take that person on and would not […]

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Should My Kids Play Team Sports?

By Joey and Carla LinkMarch 10, 2021 When we first moved to Iowa 30 years ago, we were amazed that the school district respected churches enough that they didn’t allow extra-curricular or school events to be on Wednesday nights as most churches had services or kids’ activities that night. Coming from Southern California, this was […]

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