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Back to Normal?!

Joey & Carla Link August 19, 2020 With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing and kids going back to school in classrooms practicing social distancing and having to wear masks, the big question is, “What exactly is normal?” While schools may have been out for the past several months, did your kids ever stop learning? What have they been learning? from siblings from watching […]

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Do You Think You Are a Bad Parent?

Do You Think You Are a Bad Parent? Joey & Carla Link July 29, 2020 When kids are arguing and fighting over what seems like silly and ridiculous things, it is hard to remain calm when you have to intervene for the umpteenth time. At that point you don’t care who started it and who […]

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Do Your Kids Have Grateful Hearts?

           Do Your Kids Have Grateful Hearts? By Joey and Carla Link November 2018 While out and about this week, watch and see how many people say “thank you” for the little things others do for them. What about children? Do kids and teens say it without being reminded to do […]

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The Top 10 Parenting List

The Top 10 Parenting List Joey and Carla Link October 10, 2018   If we were to ask you what your “Top 10” priorities in parenting are, what would they be? Would getting your kids to soccer be more important than getting them to read their Bible? Would you be satisfied for them to get their […]

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What Identifies Your Family

What Identifies Your Family? Joey and Carla Link October 2017   Family is a group of people who have special meaning in our lives. They are the backbone of support, personal cheerleaders, teachers, counselors, and anything else we might need. Do you know the divorce rate in the church now almost equals the rate for […]

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