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Should Apologies be Forced?

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 13, 2022 Most moms want their kids to apologize when they have done something wrong. Parents want to know if they should force their kids to apologize when they don’t want to. Why is apologizing so hard? I (Joey) ask myself that question when I struggle to apologize. To get […]

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Taming the Lecture Bug in You

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 6, 2022 When parents lecture, they think they are helping their children by reminding them of the training and teaching they have given them. Lectures all too often turn into yelling matches because your voice gets angrier as you realize they aren’t listening to you. Do your lectures encourage your […]

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By Joey and Carla LinkMarch 30, 2022 I remember a time when I reminded one of my girls once again to get her chores done and her response was, “I know, I know.” I thought if she already knew, why wasn’t it done? In the last 24 hours how many times have you heard your […]

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When Your Kids “Talk Trash”

By Joey and Carla LinkMarch 23, 2022 Trash talk. It’s another way of saying “swearing”, or “talking like a sailor”, or “foul language” and the list goes on and on. When we were growing up, even though we lived hundreds of miles apart, we both got in trouble for saying “golly” and “gosh darn” because […]

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I Don’t Want To!

By Joey and Carla LinkMarch 16, 2022 As a parent, you have likely heard your kids say, “It’s not fair” or “You can’t make me.” In our book, “Why Can’t I Get My Kids to Behave”, I (Joey) tell a story about the time when I was 12 and playing in Little League baseball. I […]

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