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Facts and Feelings

By Joey and Carla LinkAugust 18, 2021 “You are being unreasonable!” Lexi shouted at her mother. “She thinks I’m being unreasonable?” Lexi’s mother thought and she wondered once again how to help her daughter get her emotions under control. Dealing with your child’s emotions can be frustrating at best. At times it seems none of your […]

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The “Preciousness of Others” Can Be A Reality in Your Home

By Joey and Carla LinkJuly 14, 2021 Have you ever heard the term “the preciousness of others”? We learned we needed to work on this principle with our kids in the parenting class “Growing Kids God’s Way”. So how can you teach your kids to think of others as “precious”? “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in […]

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Summer Routine

By Joey and Carla LinkJuly 7, 2021 We often talk about routine on the Parenting Made Practical social media sites. Nothing is predictable when you have a houseful of children, regardless of their age. Every day can be disorganized, hectic and tiring. There is no sense of accomplishment, except Mom made it to bed at the end of the day and […]

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Summertime Days

By Joey and Carla LinkJune 30, 2021 Summer is a kid’s delight! They look forward to the end of school with anticipation. It is not long however, before many moms are counting the days until school starts again, even if they homeschool. Why? With school comes routine.In On Becoming Babywise (or GFI Preparation for Parenting), parents learn that their babies sleep through […]

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