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Temperament Book & DVD Reviews

We’ve had the privilege of teaching on Temperaments for over 25 years. We wanted to share a few testimonials from parents who have been impacted by it.

Joey and Carla’s teaching on Temperaments is such a wealth of knowledge and information. It has greatly impacted our marriage and parenting. They provide a deeper understanding of the content and how it is relevant to our lives. In this seminar, we not only learned about temperaments, but we learned how the temperaments look within a marriage and taught us how to parent children of varying temperaments. We have begun discussing temperaments with our children and now they have fun talking about their strengths and areas that they need to work on. We have been able to help our children understand their moods and behaviors better and train each of them as individuals yet with the same moral standard for all. Joey and Carla provide real life scenarios and how parents can relate to a child with the opposite temperament of theirs. Praise the Lord for this God-honoring and life-changing instruction! -Chad and Lynn, Ohio

Understanding the temperaments has been a game changer for our family.  This information helped us in our marriage and in parenting our daughters. It helps us understand each other’s innate, God-given wiring, which in turn gives us wisdom in how to approach our kids’ different responses and behaviors because of their temperament. We are so thankful to the Links for sharing their many years of study and wisdom concerning the temperaments and how they affect our personalities. We highly recommend all their resources, including the books they have written about parenting. You cannot go wrong with implementing their teaching in your family’s life. -Rich and Julie, Ohio

The Temperaments trainings have been so helpful and have given us such practical tools to use with our kids every day. Joey and Carla use real-life scenarios that speak into normal family dynamics, while using humor and always being biblically sound. The information presented has helped us as parents identify our own temperaments and therefore better understand how our marriage and relationships within our family are influenced by them. With our kids, this material has helped us understand the main area of weakness of their temperaments. Knowing these weaknesses will always be a part of them has radically changed the way we parent them. Now, we feel equipped to parent our kids uniquely to leverage their temperaments for their good, while still maintaining the same level of moral accountability with each child. Thank you, Joey and Carla for bringing this information to us. It is changing the way we parent and we are seeing the results of implementing it in the way we think. -Nate and Andrea, Colorado

Understanding God’s unique temperament blends has been such a blessing and saving grace for our marriage and family. Having participated in numerous trainings, podcasts, bible studies, and various marriage and family conferences, I can say confidently “How Temperaments Impact You, Your Spouse & Your Kids” is one of the most powerful and impactful teachings you can go through. Joey & Carla have such a gift for breaking down complex concepts in ways that are relatable and practical. Their ability to bring to life every day, normal scenarios of a family depicting the various temperaments is such a gift.

This study is a well-rounded teaching tool designed to equip marriages and families in better communication and how to overcome conflict. Perhaps the best gift of this study is the ability to see my husband’s strengths in his temperament instead of focusing on the weaknesses. We’ve learned when we accept how God created us with different temperaments we can see each other as a gift and appreciate our differences. This creates an environment free from attacks on each other and instead, one of acceptance. I have a greater understanding of my husband’s strengths because through this study we’ve been able to better understand and accept one another as God intended each of us to be. -Cristina, Texas

Joey and Carla’s teaching on temperaments has been invaluable to our family. First, and most importantly, the Links helped my husband and I understand how we each process our world differently. We both have a biblical worldview, but the manner in which we tackle all of life’s tasks and trials (budgeting, discipling our children, yard work, or planning for a trip just to name a few) is uniquely different. When our children were younger, Joey and Carla guided us in understanding their unique bent, and how as parents our temperaments affect our relationships with them and augment the discipling journey. As our kids are entering their teen years, seldom do meals go by in which we don’t encourage one another to appreciate and learn from the strengths of other family members, especially in the areas we are individually weak. While we can’t fully put ourselves into someone else’s shoes, we are thankful for the insights that Joey and Carla have given us to help us see each other from their perspective. -Kristi, Texas

Joey and Carla Link’s teaching on temperaments has been instrumental in raising my kids. They have helped me understand how my kids behave the way they do and why, so I can better react to their needs in a direct way that reaches their hearts. Because of this material, I have a deeper understanding of how I can grow my children to love Jesus and others. -Erin, Michigan

Learning about the temperaments has helped us understand our kids in a totally different way. It has given us a way to know how to better direct and guide them. For instance, our outgoing child gets so easily distracted. When the Link’s shared with me how to handle this better from the point of view of her temperament, it helped so very much! Learning our quiet child who runs on her emotions needs lots of encouragement and teaching from us on how to manage her perfectionistic standards was eye-opening and has made a night and day difference in our home. Joey and Carla have amazing insight and are good at giving practical ways to apply their teaching that brings results. This material has been life changing for us and has made us better parents which we are greatly thankful for. -Jon and Mandy, Michigan

The teachings on temperament from Joey and Carla were a valuable tool in our parenting. It was so helpful to understand the different temperaments of our kids and be able to train to them effectively. We learned to watch out for ways each temperament is prone to stumble, and how to magnify the strengths of each of their individual temperament vs. just looking at their weaknesses. Our kids are all young adults now, and we still use the temperament principles in our family interactions today. We are so thankful for these teachings and the insights it gave us into our kids and each other! —Don & Karen, Tennessee

When our four boys were in their elementary years, we had a lot of conflict in our home.  It seemed that in every instance of disagreement there was a battle over who was right.  We started exploring the temperaments through the teaching of Joey and Carla Link. The information they shared gave us a startling picture of what was happening in our home.  Both of us and all of our sons had strong-willed tendencies within our God-given temperaments.  That meant all of us thought we were right and all of us wanted to be in control. No wonder conflict was a part of our everyday experience!  Though this new knowledge did not give license to angry responses or know it all attitudes, it did give us the perspective we needed to know how to deal with these expected responses in a God-honoring way.

Today, we have four delightful young men who have learned that being right isn’t everything and are the picture of what it means to be best friends.  Their strong-willed traits have made them good leaders and loyal friends.  We are so grateful for this teaching by the Links.  It quite literally changed our family. -Eric and Roxie, Ohio

The Link’s teaching on temperaments helped us understand ourselves better and everyone else in our family of eight.  In time, we learned to appreciate and champion each other’s different strengths.   The temperament teaching helped us grow in patience as we gained understanding of weaknesses in each other as well. Rather than condemn, we could help our younger children overcome those weaknesses with practical responses.  Our oldest daughter applied what she learned of this teaching as she met new people in college.  It helped her live with others who were different from her.  Our now married children also found understanding temperaments was a valuable part of the “getting to know you” process during the dating season.  -Ed & Beth, Missouri

“Wisdom is supreme; therefore, get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7) In the information age there is an abundance of information but not necessarily wisdom. We have been “getting” wisdom and understanding from Joey and Carla for the better part of 2 decades. Their teachings offer an abundance of it. They are gifted, and we get to benefit from what they put together and share. They are adept at guiding others how to apply biblical parenting principles effectively.

Our kids are now 21 and 24. There are no words to express how their teaching on Temperaments has guided us, supported our efforts and comforted us, especially in those frustrating and challenging parenting moments and seasons. This teaching specifically is important to understanding your own personality as well as those of your spouse/children and those you are building important relationships with and may be responsible to train and/or lead. As business owners we have also been studying how temperaments help us build our business and they apply to building successful relationships. It helps you understand why there may be serious sticking points in certain relationships yet sweet compatibilities in others and helps you navigate how to manage the challenges and capitalize on those areas to celebrate. This information will not “cost you all you have” but I promise you it will pay you back in returns as it helps you build, grow and develop successful relationships with the wisdom it offers. -Kevin and Beth, North Carolina

We were very frustrated with one of our children, who was continually struggling with the same sin.  He had very intense emotions that would change based on the way he perceived a situation; Joey & Carla’s temperament teachings helped us understand that our son’s temperament was a main reason for his continued struggle in this one area. We learned that we still had to uphold the Biblical standard for our son, despite his temperament challenges, and he may take longer to get to the standard than his siblings. Understanding his temperament helped diffuse our frustration and helped us work with him to set realistic expectations for his character growth. We also used the teachings and a temperament assessment to inform our children of their temperament. We discussed their strengths and weaknesses and they have grown in patience for each other as they give grace to one another and appreciate each other’s strengths.

Understanding our temperaments helped improve the communication in our marriages. Our melancholy phlegmatic son was difficult to deal with and understanding this temperament helped me to support him as a father. Rather than coming down on him in the moment, the temperament teaching helped me to come along side our child as a loving father. –Ellen and John, Texas