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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Spring Cleaning

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 28 2021 In our community, we always looked forward to neighborhood spring cleanup days. On these days, a person could get rid of furniture and other items you no longer want, setting stuff out in front of your house on a specific day and then the city cleanup crews would […]

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Can Your Kids Trust You?

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 21, 2021 A young mom was struggling with her parents. They had promised her they would help her pay off a financial debt she had incurred while going to school. But when it came time to make good on their promise, they didn’t step forward. They later told her they totally […]

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Trust is the Key to our Child’s Emotional Security

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 14, 2021 My (Carla’s) roommates and I piled into Prudence, the name we all gave the pink and white 1957 Ford my grandparents loaned me during my college years. They lived about 30 minutes from the university we attended, and my roommates loved visiting them with me. We did our […]

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Dealing with a Proud Child

By Joey & Carla Link April 7, 2021 Do your kids get big heads? Do they think they know more than you do? Do they walk around with their chest puffed out showing a proud, conceited, arrogant heart? Do you have a child who is in the habit of bossing others around, telling them what to do […]

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