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Failure, The Back Door to Success

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 27, 2022 Let’s be honest, do you ever feel like a parenting failure? Do you wonder if what you are doing is right in training your kids? Are you afraid of making a mistake, or that you are going to mess them up? Do you worry if you are too […]

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Can Your Child Talk the Gospel?

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 20, 2022 Have you ever heard the old phrase that “Some Christians are so earthly minded they are no heavenly good?” This means these Christians live their lives as they see fit, not caring how the Bible says we should live. In the same way, it can be said in […]

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Should Apologies be Forced?

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 13, 2022 Most moms want their kids to apologize when they have done something wrong. Parents want to know if they should force their kids to apologize when they don’t want to. Why is apologizing so hard? I (Joey) ask myself that question when I struggle to apologize. To get […]

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Taming the Lecture Bug in You

By Joey and Carla LinkApril 6, 2022 When parents lecture, they think they are helping their children by reminding them of the training and teaching they have given them. Lectures all too often turn into yelling matches because your voice gets angrier as you realize they aren’t listening to you. Do your lectures encourage your […]

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