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Current Parenting Topics by Joey & Carla Link


“Helpful, informative, fun, challenging, exciting, refreshing, loved it” are just a few of the comments made by parents following the presentation from Joey & Carla Link that took place at Calvary Church.

 The Link’s ministry to our parents was exactly what I was hoping for when we invited them.  Their teaching most importantly was Biblical and challenging.  The principles they shared were practical and applicable.  Their illustrations were enlightening and enjoyable.  They took time to answer questions from individual parents conveying genuine care and concern for them.

 Our parents benefited greatly from the Link’s teaching and ministry.  We hope to have the Link’s back as we continue to provide ongoing ministry for our parents at Calvary Church.

 -Bill McGinnis, Executive Pastor at Calvary Church in Maumee, OH 


“Why Can’t I Get My Kids to Behave?”

This Is a question that frustrates most parents. Joey & Carla Link have insights and answers with lots of practical applications for parents to take home and put into practice that will change their kid’s behavior.


 “Crafting Your Kids’ Character”

Parents want their kids to grow up with good wholesome Godly character. What steps do parents need to take to build foundational moral values and character into their kids’ lives, that will help them be able to make right choices and decisions. Come discover what parents can work on now to pass their beliefs, morals and values on to their kids.


“Raising Great Kids with Faith That Will Last”

Every parent dreams of the blessing their child can be to God and to society as they grow up. BUT,

*       What will that take?
*       What do parents need to teach their kids as they grow and mature?
*       When can parents teach their kids with all the activities they need to be involved in?
*       With all the demands on parents today, where do they find time to teach their kids?
*       How do parents work together when they come from different perspectives?
*       How do we teach and train our kids to be well balanced in life?


“Fighting the Consistency Battle”

When your lives are busier than ever with your own activities plus that of your kids, being a consistent parent feels like a losing battle. While your kids are going down the slippery slide of disobedience, instead of repeatedly saying “We need to get back on track,” this session will help parents refocus their consistency efforts with fresh perspective and practical tips to stay on track.


“Dating, Courting, and Choosing A Mate. What Works?”

A philosophy and plan to teach your kids to find their life mate. Every parent expects their children to grow up and marry a terrific guy or girl one day. Yet, parents are unsure how their young adult will find that special someone without getting hurt or too physically involved. “Friendship Dating” is a philosophy that tells young adults how to set boundaries which will give them freedom to grow and mature a relationship into marriage. It’s a balance between typical dating relationships and courtship dating.


The Parents Tool Box

Just like you need the right tools to accomplish different tasks around your home, you also need the correct tools to train your children.  Joey and Carla will review several practical tools, and how best to use them when teaching each of your children in various situations. You will also learn some common tools parents use that we should all toss in the garbage.


“Taming the Lecture Bug”

When children do something wrong, parents think a good lecture is going to turn them around. Do your children change their behavior based on the latest lecture you gave them? We all know they don’t.  This session teaches you how to stop lecturing and how to motivate your children to start thinking for themselves, so they no longer have to be told what to do or what not to do to make wise choices.


Navigating The Rapids of Parenting” – The Phases & Transitions Your Children Grow Through

As parents raise their children, they encounter several stages and phases of maturity, called “transitions.” This seminar discusses what these phases and transitions are from infancy to adulthood and what parents need to know to train their children through them. Children are either in a transition or soon will be. Come and learn how to navigate your children through these sometimes difficult waters.


Getting To Your Kids Heart

“Threaten, bribe, negotiate, repeat instructions, remind and lecture, I’ve done all that.  Please tell me there is a better way to get my kids to behave.” Yes, there is and Joey and Carla Link have keen insights for parents to make their kids learn to become responsible and own their behaviors vs. parents trying to convince them what they need to do again and again.



These are just a few of the topics Joey and Carla teach on at speaking engagements.