Parenting Made Practical Podcast Episode List

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Parenting Made Practical Podcast Get practical biblical answers and coaching from Parent Educators Joey and Carla Link on everyday issues parents face when they need to deal with their kid’s bad attitudes and behavior. You will learn to teach your kids to be obedient, respectful and responsible in today’s challenging world.

  • Testing Your Kids

    Parents need to test their kids just as kids get tested in school. Learn how and when to test your kids in their character so they choose to do right over wrong.“

  • Help, My Kid was Caught Cheating!

    All Kids are tempted to cheat, in more ways than just their school work. Learn what parents can do with kids who cheat and how to train them not to.

  • Help Kids Choose to Make Right Choices

    Kids do the same wrong behaviors over and over. But WHY? Discover how parents can help their kids choose right over their wrong desires.

  • Teach Kids to Make Kindness a Habit

    Kindness can be abstract to kids, but if they don’t learn to be kind, kids become self-centered, arrogant, and selfish.

  • When Kids Say I Hate You!

    Kids can lash out with very hurtful words. But learn why and where this attitude comes from and how to curb this hateful speech and attitude in your kids.