Would You Like to Help Joey & Carla in Their Ministry to Families?

The Link’s serve the Lord full-time as missionaries to families through Family Life Resources, a non-profit parenting ministry. They are able to continue serving families through their teaching, speaking, counseling and writing ministry through the donations of people like you who see the need for Biblical parent education and believe in the giftedness of Joey and Carla as they minister to families. Joey and Carla rely on a team of monthly supporters for the bulk of their salary support, but they also need one-time financial donations to meet their living needs. The tax-deductible donations that come through Family Life Resources (which oversees the teaching and counseling ministry of the Links), go to their salary support and pay for ministry expenses.

If you would like to give a one-time donation to Joey and Carla or join their monthly support team, please click the donate button below.

The Following Are Ways Donations Can Be Made to This Ministry:

Hotel Points

Because of a car accident that left Carla with limited mobility, the Link’s must stay in hotels when they travel. If you travel a good deal and are able to save up reward nights and points and can share a few nights with Joey and Carla, this is a very helpful gift.

Airline Miles

In the same way, if you travel a lot and can share airline miles with Joey and Carla, this would enable them to fly more often to speaking engagements.

Corporate Matching Donations

Over the years, people have found if they donate to a 501C-3 ministry like Family Life Resources through the company they work for, it will match the donation.

Corporate Donations

Some corporations have programs to donate office machines such as computers, copiers and printers in a donor’s name to a non-profit ministry such as Family Life Resources.

Gas Cards and Gift Cards

Gift cards for restaurants, hotels or gas are greatly appreciated (gift cards are not tax-deductible).