Temperaments are given to us by God and are the part of our personality that does not change. There are 4 temperaments and we all have a blend of two of them. It is good to know about temperaments as it gives insight into how and why those you love think and act the way they do.  Understanding your own temperament helps you manage your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. Gaining understanding into the temperaments of your children will help you train them to do the same. 

It is said opposites attract when it comes to choosing who you will marry. Over the long haul of a marriage however, these same “opposites” that attracted you to each other in the first place soon wear thin. Understanding each other temperaments gives perspective on building on each other’s strengths and accepting each other’s weaknesses.


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Joey and Carla Link have been teaching on temperaments for over 25 years. The 4 temperaments – Choleric, Melancholy, Sanguine and Phlegmatic are the God-given part of your personality. Joey and Carla share how your temperament affects you, your marriage and your relationship with your kids. The Link’s work through real-life scenarios to demonstrate how temperaments can adversely impact these relationships if the weaknesses of one’s temperament blend is not managed well. You will learn practical ways you, your spouse and your kids can manage your temperaments to become the person God created and designed each of you to be.

This book Is intended to accompany and clarify the 4-part video series, 

“How Temperaments Impact You, Your Spouse & Your Kids”

  1. What Are Temperaments and Where Do They Come From? (25 Min)
  2. How Temperaments Affect Your Marriage (47 min)
  3. Working with Your Child’s Temperament (49 min)
  4. How Temperaments Interact Between You and Your Children (39 min)

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We highly recommend the following books on Temperaments The Treasure Tree & Spirit-Controlled Temperaments. The Treasure Tree was one of our favorite books to read when our kids were little. Follow 4 animal friends along on a journey as they discover their temperaments. Spirit-Controlled Temperaments is a fantastic book that explains how Temperaments blend together.

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