Why Can’t I Get My Kids to Behave?”


Practical, inspiring, encouraging, and vision-forming, this book is a powerful tool for parents. Joey and Carla Link do a beautiful job of imparting both the why and how of biblical parenting. The principles they share in this book have made an incredible impact in our home.

Eric and Leslie Ludy, best-selling authors of When God Writes Your Love Story


Have you ever wanted an instruction manual for parenting? Look no further. This is the book you’ve been waiting for. With refreshing honesty and practical instruction, Joey and Carla Link have put together a great resource for parents. If you have kids, you need this book.

Jill Savage, founder and CEO of Hearts at Home, author of No More Perfect Moms


The biblical and practical teaching Joey and Carla Link share is something every parent should read. It has given us clear expectations—what we as parents can require of our kids and what our kids know is expected of them. We are confident this book will be a good beginning for parents, no matter the ages of their children.

US Representative Bill (and Natalie) Huizenga, Michigan


Being a pediatrician for over thirty years, I can’t think of a parent who hasn’t wanted his or her children to behave. I have known Joey and Carla for many years and have personally observed them raise their children. By getting into the heart of the child and the dynamics of the family, they have given us practical tools to raise obedient children. I can enthusiastically recommend this book to families in my medical practice.

Jim Pearson, MD