What People Say About the Teaching Ministry

of Joey and Carla Link


You guys knocked it out of the ballpark! By the calls we are getting today from people who attended the seminar, you definitely sparked interest and exposed a need. People are ready to step it up in their parenting and train their kids to behave.”

Ankeny, IA


I am so grateful for you all, your ministry, and how your teaching makes the application of God’s wisdom in parenting so practical. I appreciate the tools you give us for implementing Biblical parenting.”

-Denver, CO


The conference was outstanding. One of the things I love so much about your material is that you break things down into so much detail that it helps to get at root issues, rather than shooting at the symptoms. It has brought so much peace to our home.”

Atlanta, GA


Your teaching and how you apply Biblical truths in a practical way have been so helpful, and have changed my family.  You have no idea how much you have impacted me as a wife, a mother, and a daughter.  Thank you for being the real deal and not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo.”

-Dallas, TX


What People Say About the Moms Notes

Thank you for the ‘Moms Notes’!So many people here in Australia have been blessed by them and we are very thankful to have them. We would not be where we are in our parenting if it were not for the ‘Moms Notes’.Your insight and wisdom are invaluable.”

-Western Australia


I love the practical application and examples that the Mom’s Notes provided for me! Not only did it give me so much to think about, but the real life examples provided me with great direction in applying the principles. The information is so easy to relate to and taught me how to think ‘outside the box’ when training our kids! I am so grateful for this material.”

-Dayton, OH


Mom’s Notes made all the difference in my parenting! I soaked in the wisdom shared.  I needed practical ways of how to balance encouragement with correction that were neither too harsh nor too lenient.  I recommend Mom’s Notes to every parent who wants to be a better mom or dad.”

-Albany, NY


If you are a parent who is interested in training your children with Biblical principles, then the Mom’s Notes are for you! If you are like me, you know what the Bible says about a certain virtue but don’t understand how to implement it into daily life. Christ’s teaching comes alive as the Mom’s Notes walk you through how to train your children to obey, how to deal with complaining, how to teach kindness, unselfishness, and many other issues that pop up regularly.”

Christiansburg, VA


Moms Notes are an invaluable resource both in parenting our own three children as well as guiding us as we mentor other parents. The practical wisdom is given in a fun and logical way that is easy to understand and apply. As we watch our girls use the principles while they babysit other children, we know the Moms Notes will be a blessing for generations to come.” 

-Chattanooga, TN