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Why Do Children Lie?

Why Do Children Lie? Joey and Carla Link May 2016   Every parent will have a child who lies at one time or another. Why do children lie? Rarely do parents get to the heart of this question because they are more focused on the lie and the ramifications of the lie versus why their […]

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Dealing with a Lying Child

Dealing with a Lying Child Joey and Carla Link May 2016 When our kids were growing up they each had their own bath towels. Carla assigned each of them their own color of towel, an easy way for her to keep track of them. I remember holding in my hand the towel of one of […]

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A MOTHER’S LEGACY Carla Link May 2016 I was in high school when my father left my Mom with three teenage girls. It was not common for Christian church-going families to split apart back in the 70’s and fellow church-goers didn’t know what to do with us. (I know, I’m old!) Mostly they ignored us […]

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