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Influencing Siblings

Influencing Siblings Joey and Carla Link July 17, 2019 Follow the leader is a popular game for kids to play. Who are they following in your home? For siblings, the guidance of an older sibling is a powerful influence! This is why we often tell parents to work on the older one first and younger siblings will learn what to do […]

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Who Is Influencing Your Kids?

Who Is Influencing Your Kids? Joey and Carla Link July 10, 2019 Who has the most influence on your kids? Every parent thinks they are the biggest influence in their kids’ lives and that is certainly true with young children. But as they grow older, that can change. Have you considered how much time you actually […]

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Remembering By Joey & Carla Link July 3, 2019   You see all these TV commercials about getting your DNA tested to see who your ancestors are. Joey doesn’t have to do that as his mother kept journals written by her great-grandfather, birth certificates and pictures that were left to her. James Cotton, Joey’s great […]

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