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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Back to School

Back to School Joey and Carla Link August 28, 2019   When your kids are back in school, whether it be public, private or homeschool, your home life settles back into a routine. While breaks are always good and vacations are fun, routine gives a sense of normalcy to daily life.   Going back to […]

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Blown Away At Worship

Blown Away At Worship Joey and Carla Link August 21, 2019   We visited a church in downtown Chicago one Sunday morning. It was an old church building that survived the infamous “Chicago fire”. A modern day worship band replaced what must have been where the church choir with full orchestra and bells had once […]

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How to Trust Your “Untrustable” Child

How to Trust Your “Untrustable” Child Joey and Carla Link August 14, 2019   A mom called me recently and said she felt bad because, as she emphatically stated, “I can’t trust my child anymore. Can you help me love him again?” I reassured her she is not a bad mother and she is actually […]

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Acceptance Joey and Carla Link August 7, 2019   A young teen was pitching in a baseball game. If a pitch did not go over the plate, he got frustrated with himself. If a batter hit the pitch for a fair ball, he physically got mad at himself, hitting his leg in disappointment with his […]

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