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Do Your Kids Know How to Wait? Pt. 2

By Joey & Carla Link August 30, 2023 Patience is an especially tough quality to come by and to grow in our hearts. In our society today, everything comes fast and easy. The amount of information we have instant access to through the internet is staggering. Patience is a virtue that has been thrown out the window. […]

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Do Your Kids Know How to Wait?

By Joey & Carla Link August 23, 2023 Waiting doesn’t come easily for most of us. Kids jump up and down in anticipation of something they want to do. In our spirits, so do we! Unless you were born with the Phlegmatic temperament, waiting is just plain hard. If those with the Melancholy temperament have […]

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When Daddy’s Away Part 2

(To read Part 1, click here.) Renee Plumberg August 16, 2023 Dad is an integral part of the family, the head and leader of the home. Even moms with strong personalities are glad to be sharing the parenting with Dad. So, what can a wife do when her husband is away for long periods of time? […]

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Your Child Is Off to College!

By Joey & Carla Link August 2, 2023 It just seemed like yesterday you were planning a graduation party for your high school senior and now they are leaving for college. Parents have mixed reactions when this happens. If your child is going away to school and will no longer be living at home, the […]

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When Daddy’s Away Part 1

By Renee Plumberg August 9, 2023 Fathers, like all Christians, are called to be imitators of God. (Ephesians 5:1) A vital way fathers can be imitators of God in their families is by being present in their children’s lives. We frequently see in scripture the promise of God’s presence. Kids who have fathers who are […]

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