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Honest Mistakes

Honest Mistakes By Joey & Carla Link January 29, 2020 I (Joey) was intrigued when I read a story about Lee Ann Walker a professional woman’s golfer. While playing in a tournament in 2019 after taking 8 years off from the sport, she learned she didn’t know about a rule change that said her caddie […]

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Creatively Disobedient Kids

Creatively Disobedient Kids By Joey & Carla Link January 22, 2020 It’s always interesting to see how creative kids can get when they don’t want to obey. In last week’s blog we told the story about our daughter when Carla called her name 3 different times and on the 3rd time she ran to Carla […]

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Obedient Kids

Obedient Kids By Joey & Carla Link January 15, 2020 During the holidays it’s normal for parents to let down their guard and for kids to take unearned freedoms, becoming less obedient each day. They are spoiled by grandparents and all the love they give them, then showered with presents. They stay up later than […]

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Parenting “Do-Overs”

Parenting “Do-Overs” By Joey & Carla Link January 8, 2020   Don’t you wish you could have parenting “do-overs”?¬†You could hit pause after you have dealt with something badly and go back and do it over again. Hindsight is wonderful if we choose to learn from it and awful if it brings guilt or anger. […]

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Are Your Kids Givers or Takers?

Are Your Kids Givers or Takers? By Joey & Carla Link December 18, 2019 Once kids understand what Christmas is, they want to get gifts for those they love. They wonder if they can get you to pay for them or if they are going to have to spend their own money. Perhaps they have […]

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