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How is Your Kids TRUE North?

How is Your Kids TRUE North? Joey and Carla Link  September 13, 2018 Do your kids really know where they are going? Do they know how to stop and think when the Holy Spirit is prompting them to not do something or do they run through the red light telling them to stop and go no further? […]

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When Kids are Tearing Down Their Siblings

When Kids are Tearing Down Their Siblings Joey & Carla Link August 22, 2018   We enjoy getting together with parents who are seeking help with their kids. We recently had dinner with a couple who have 3 boys who, like most boys are hitting each other and picking on each other, wrestling around until […]

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Teens and Time Management

Teens and Time Management Joey and Carla Link July 25, 2018   All through a child’s life parents work to help their kids learn to manage their responsibilities “on time” with questions/statements such as “Is your bed made? No breakfast until that’s done,” or “Why are you watching TV when your room is such a […]

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 Grandparenting Joey and Carla Link June 2018 It’s difficult to imagine becoming grandparents when you are in the midst of parenting, at least we couldn’t. But the day will come when your first grandchild arrives and it is love at first sight, just as strong as when you had your kids, but different. How is […]

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Being the Best Dad

Being the Best Dad Joey Link June 6, 2018   Dads are busy guys who typically are busier than a person should be. From being a loving husband who wants to please his wife by taking her on dates to perpetually trying to keep the garage clean, the yard work done, and keep the honey-do […]

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