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How to Stop Arguing With Your Kids

How to Stop Arguing With Your Kids Joey & Carla Link March 2017 How do you stop a child from arguing with you? It is very frustrating when you give your child an instruction and they start arguing with you. Every loving parent feels like they should listen to anything their child says. This is […]

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How is Your Crop Growing?

How is Your Crop Growing? Joey and Carla Link August 2015 I was driving by some corn fields recently and was thinking about all the work a farmer puts in to get those corn plants into the ground. From the off-season planning to working on the equipment to be sure it is in good working order […]

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Successful Kids

SUCCESSFUL KIDS   by Joey & Carla Link April 2015 photo credit: freemagebank  A friend of mine who is the CEO of a very large company with plants in several countries often talks about how he uses some human resource business practices in the parenting of his kids. One of his favorite phrases he likes to use […]

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Praying with your Kids

Praying with your Kids March 2015 By Joey Link   My mind and heart were flooded with memories as I walked out of my son’s bedroom a few nights ago. On this night I didn’t say goodnight to my son, I said goodnight to his son.   On our way to the bedroom, I toss […]

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Are Your Kids Teachable?

Are Your Kids Teachable? January 2015 by Joey Link   I was watching a college bowl football game and a running back made a terrific play and was able to run 60+ yards for a touchdown. They showed a picture of the running back’s dad raising his hands to the sky at first I thought […]

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