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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Rose-Colored Glasses or God-Glasses?

Rose-Colored Glasses or God-Glasses? by Joey and Carla Link ©March 2016 In case you’re wondering, it is normal for kids (especially when they hit the early teen years), to put on rose-colored glasses and do things that just don’t make sense. Your boys take off on a bike ride with their friends without asking permission. […]

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Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter  Joey & Carla Link        © March 2016  Spring is just around the corner, although for many of us, the normal winter weather has yet to appear! While Christmas is a wonderful time to teach our children about the blessed gift of Jesus Christ, families often get caught off-guard in the springtime, and […]

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Quality Time or Quantity Time

Quality Time or Quantity Time        Joey & Carla Link        © March 2016 What is more important, to spend quality time or quantity time with you kids? This question has been around for years. We can make a case for both, but we are fairly certain you can too so we aren’t going to […]

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