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SUMMER TIME! Joey and Carla Link May 29, 2019   The Beach Boys’ popular song “We’ve Been Having Fun All Summer Long” is what kids and teens eagerly anticipate the month of May. Kids assume no school time = play time.   That may have been the way it was when Carla and I were […]

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Memorials Joey & Carla Link May 22, 2019   We all need reminders/memorials of who God is, what He has done for us and how much He loves us. When trials come for your children when they are adults, these markers will strengthen them, reminding them of God’s faithfulness to your family when they were […]

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Can Your Child Lead Someone to Jesus? 

Can Your Child Lead Someone to Jesus? Joey & Carla Link May 15, 2019 The small town I grew up in was hosting a weekend dirt bike racing competition. Thousands of bikers came to our small town which drew the motorcycle clubs and gangs like the infamous “Hell’s Angels” along with many others.    I […]

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What Could Your Child Become In The Game Of Life?

What Could Your Child Become In The Game Of Life? Joey & Carla Link May 8, 2019 Do you help your kids dream about growing up? What could your child do when he sets out on his own? What could he/she become?   I had a newspaper route when I was growing up in Southern […]

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Don’t Look Behind

Don’t Look Behind Joey & Carla Link May 1, 2019   Teaching a child to drive can be a fearful experience for a parent. I remember teaching one of our kids who was eager to drive. I was concerned she wouldn’t keep her eyes on the road as she was driving instead of looking at […]

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