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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Homeschooling Basics

Homeschooling Basics By Carla Link       March 25, 2020   Our daughter Briana was chronically ill growing up. Each year she ended up in the hospital. To see if that could be avoided, when she was in 4th grade her doctors decided to pull her out of school trying to avoid colds and flu bugs. […]

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Teaching and Training

Teaching and Training By Joey & Carla Link March 18, 2020 I (Carla) just gave my 8 year old grandson a piano lesson via Facetime. I had to stop him several times as I was trying to explain a new concept to him, teaching him about musical “ties”. Teaching is “imparting knowledge”. This means teachers know more […]

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Why Teens Need A Routine

Why Teens Need A Routine By Joey & Carla Link March 11, 2020 After reading last week’s blog on routine written primarily for young children, a friend, a mother of 4 primarily college age kids had this to say, “Everyone needs routine! Even when the young adults are home, everything runs more peacefully when we […]

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Why Routine?

Why Routine? By Joey & Carla Link March 4, 2020 Some moms never see the need for a routine. Others, who use the eat, wake, sleep cycle with their babies tend to let routine go when their children become toddlers and as a result, things soon get out of control. We encourage you to keep […]

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