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4. What Do I Do With A Child Who Talks Back To Me?

When kids talk back to their parents it is to question and challenge their parent’s authority over them. Learn what parents can do and how to change this merry-go-round. Recommended Resources from This Session: Mom’s Notes: – “Understanding First Time Obedience” CD/MP3 & Notes/PDF Notes Book/MP3: – “Why Can’t I Get My My Kid’s to […]

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3. Does Your Child Have The Freedom To Do That?

This is a powerful phrase with a powerful punch, throwing the ball of responsibility back in your kid’s irresponsible court. Learn how to teach your kids to be responsible for their own stuff. Check out the resources we recommended in the podcast! Mom’s Notes   “Understanding Freedom’s”   Part 1 mp3 PDF CD Notes   […]

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2. Reminders, Reminders – Why Am I Always Reminding My Kids?

Parents get frustrated when they follow their kids around reminding them over and over to get their stuff done. Learn how you can stop reminding your kids and get them to start thinking and remember for themselves. Check out the resources we recommended in the podcast! Mom’s Notes   “Understanding Freedom’s”   Part 1 mp3 […]

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1. Why Won’t My Kids Do What I Tell Them To Do?

Parenting Made Practical Podcast Episode 1 When you tell your kids to do something do you expect them to do it? Learn what you can do to get your kids to listen to you and to do what you tell them to do. Check out the resources we recommended in this episode! Mom’s Notes   […]

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When Kids MUST!

Joey & Carla Link October 7, 2020 There are a lot of “musts” in life, like “Right Lane must Turn Right” or “All Visitors must Register at Office”. Teachers are always telling kids they must sit down and parents tell them they must settle down. But what happens if they don’t? Jesus’s disciples (His earthly children) were arguing with each other over who was […]

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