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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Teaching Your Kids About the 4th of July

By Joey and Carla LinkJune 29, 2022 You think your kids will learn about the 4th of July and what it means in school. But exactly what are they learning about it? In public schools, it is hard to tell what is being taught about anything. Often, it is someone’s opinion about a historical event rather […]

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Summer at Home

By Joey and Carla LinkJune 22, 2022 Summer is a kid’s delight! They look forward to the end of school with anticipation. It is not long however, before many moms are counting the days until school starts again, even if they homeschool. Why? With school comes routine. Let me ask you this – what do […]

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How Strong are Your Expectations?

By Joey and Carla LinkJune 1, 2022 How do you stop a child from arguing with you? It is very frustrating when you give your child an instruction and they argue with you. Your first impulse is to argue back and that quickly gets you into a power struggle. How do your kids build a […]

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