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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Do Your Kids Know What to Do? Then Stop Reminding Them!

By Joey and Carla Link February 8, 2023 “Michelle, it’s almost time to leave for school. Here’s your backpack, put it by the door so you don’t forget it again. Where’s that note I need to sign for your teacher?”  “Henry, don’t forget to take the trash out after dinner.” “Emma, did you make your […]

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The Funnel is a Handy Tool

Joey and Carla Link February 1, 2023 In last week’s blog titled “Do Your Kids need Fences?”, we talked about the funnel and what it has to do with parenting. The funnel is such a handy tool, so much so we are talking about it again to keep the behaviors your kids aren’t old enough or […]

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