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A Mother’s Son

A Mother’s Son by Joey Link May 9, 2018   I am a life-long Los Angeles Dodger baseball fan. Carla and I both grew up in Southern California and our fathers were both fans, as are my son and grandson. There are a lot of great Dodger players, but perhaps not one as well-known as […]

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Teaching Your Kids to Take Care of What Belongs to Them

STEWARDSHIP Teaching Your Kids to Take Care of What Belongs to Them Joey and Carla Link April 25, 2018   Stewardship is a big word with an even bigger meaning. “Taking care of what belongs to you” is a simplified definition. As parents, it can seem like we spend 18 years teaching our kids to […]

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Kids Like to Spend Money

Kids Like to Spend Money Joey and Carla Link April 11, 2018   Your kids each get a wad of cash from their grandparents for Christmas and birthdays. A few weeks later they ask you to buy them something and you tell them to spend their own money. When they tell you they don’t have […]

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Eyes On Kids

Eyes On Kids Joey & Carla Link March 21, 2018 Carla and I enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics in South Korea. We were in awe at how much control skiers have to have when flying down mountains at 90 mph! That’s crazy fast going down a mountain covered with snow and ice with no protection […]

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Kids, Get Self-Control!

Kids, Get Self-Control! by Joey & Carla Link March 7, 2018   When you think about it, it is kind of funny. Kids want to be in control and they want you to give it to them. However, they don’t want to use self-control to gain the freedom (control) they desperately want. Self-control is one […]

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