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Refereeing Kids Who Won’t Get Along

By Joey & Carla Link July 20, 2023 Do you ever feel like you are a referee with your kids? While it is natural for boys to wrestle with each other, it’s another thing when your kids are arguing and bickering with each other. When you are pulled into the middle of their fights, they […]

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Hurtful Words

By Joey & Carla Link July 12, 2023 When your kids are not getting along, by the time parents get involved someone is usually physically hurt. Pushing, shoving, poking each other – when is it going to stop! You think you are dealing with it, but are you? When your kids aren’t getting along, rarely […]

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Consistency is Key

By Joey & Carla Link July 5, 2023 The kids were finally in bed. Ginger looked at her husband and said, “We need to kick it in gear and get them to be responsible for the things they need to do. I am tired of chasing them around all day trying to find their schoolwork […]

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Time to Stop the Reminding Habit

By Joey & Carla Link June 28, 2023 “Colin, it’s almost time to leave for school. Don’t forget it’s your turn to take the trash out. Here’s your backpack, put it by the door so you don’t forget it again. Where’s that note I need to sign for your teacher?” Missy, I told you an […]

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Are You Getting Ready to Move?

Allyson Plumberg June 21, 2023 Imagine this: Your husband just got off the phone with big news. He’s been offered a great job… but it’s on the other side of the country! Or maybe it’s in a different continent altogether, which for us was Sweden when our oldest two kids were 2 and 3 years. It […]

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