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The Funnel is a Handy Tool

Joey and Carla Link February 1, 2023 In last week’s blog titled “Do Your Kids need Fences?”, we talked about the funnel and what it has to do with parenting. The funnel is such a handy tool, so much so we are talking about it again to keep the behaviors your kids aren’t old enough or […]

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Is It Time to Fence Your Kids In?

Joey and Carla Link January 25, 2023 When watching home fix-it shows, when someone with a pet is looking for a new home, they always say they need the back yard fenced in. Why? Because they don’t trust their pet to stay in the yard without one. The fence provides boundaries so the dog knows […]

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Getting Along with Others

Joey and Carla Link January 18, 2023 How many times a day do you say to your kids, “Why can’t you get along?!” when you are on your way to intervene in another sibling conflict. We can relate. We said it plenty to our three when they were growing up in our home. We are […]

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Teaching Your Children the Joy of Giving

By Joey and Carla Link December 7, 2022 Why do we give gifts at Christmas? Those who believe in and love God do so because it is a way of honoring the gift He gave us in His Son Jesus, through whom we have the promise of eternal life. We do wonder why celebrating Christmas […]

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Grateful Kids

By Joey and Carla Link November 16, 2022 “What does it take to get grateful kids? It doesn’t matter what they get, they always want more.” Have you ever thought this about your kids? I know there are times I thought this about mine.  The opposite of gratefulness is selfishness. From wanting a bigger or better […]

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