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Give Your Kids the “Why”

By Joey and Carla Link November 2, 2022 When kids want to know something, they ask you “why?” This would be especially true of little kids. “Why is the grass green” “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do you stop when the light is red and go when the light is green?” The first 2 […]

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Positive Ways to Teach and Train Your Kids

By Joey and Carla Link October 26, 2022 In a recent Zoom parenting class, we were leading, every parent in the class admitted they yelled at their kids, which is a common parenting problem. It is a problem because harsh responses to your child’s wrong behavior can affect your child for the rest of his/her life. It also affects the level of respect your child will have for […]

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Discipline is a Positive Word

By Joey and Carla Link October 19, 2022 It is obvious your 7 yr. old child needs something more than you have been giving him to get him to stop hitting his siblings when he doesn’t get his own way. Both you and your spouse have talked to him many times. You have threatened him, bribed him, […]

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