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Are your Kids Rule Keepers?

Are your Kids Rule Keepers? Joey and Carla Link October 16, 2019   While adults know the rules, they don’t always think they need to live by them unless they get caught. Which of us does not slow down, no matter how fast or slow we are going when we see a police car on […]

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The Morality Police

The Morality Police Joey and Carla Link October 9, 2019 I remember the time my older sister got a lecture from our mom about the length of her dresses. She was told that they couldn’t go above the knee when she stood up. Carla tells the story that when she was in high school her mom […]

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Integrity Joey and Carla Link September 25, 2019   Every child loves a good Bible story. They hear the story and often see it as a great adventure. What little ones don’t see and can’t see is the integrity of the men who are God’s heroes in these stories. As your kids get older, do […]

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Transforming Your Child

  Transforming Your Child Joey and Carla Link September 18, 2019 I (Joey) was sitting with my grandson watching him transform his “Bee” from the movie “Bumblebee” into a car (Volkswagen bug). It took me back to when my own son played with transformers. I am still in awe how he could (and now my […]

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May We Never Forget  

May We Never Forget   Joey and Carla Link September 11th, 2019   Every year when September 11 rolls around, I remember a UPS man coming to our home to deliver some packages and he asked me if I saw what happened in New York City. He asked me to turn on the news so […]

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