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Practicing What You Preach

By Joey and Carla LinkMarch 9, 2022 Have you ever heard the phrase “caught between a rock and a hard place”? Parents often find themselves there, when everywhere they turn they run into a stone wall. We all speed when driving our cars. I think the first words out of our mouths when we gave […]

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The Passive, or Quietly Rebellious Child

By Joey and Carla LinkMarch 2, 2022 We were visiting friends who had 3 children. The kids were told to get their pj’s on and get in bed with lights out and Mom and Dad would come in to tuck them in. When Mom came back from doing this, Dad asked her why the light […]

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The Parenting Toolbox What’s in Yours?

By Joey and Carla LinkFebruary 23, 2022 In our January 19th email we talked about what it looks like to consistently train your kids. How have you been doing since then with being consistent? When there isn’t a plan in place to help us be consistent in the training (both pro-active and re-active) of our […]

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Are You Ready for Your Kids to Start Dating?

By Joey and Carla LinkFebruary 16, 2022 When our son was in the second grade, he got a phone call from a girl in his class at school inviting him to go roller skating with her. We knew there was a couple’s dance every night at the roller rink where they would hold hands and […]

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What Is Love?

By Joey and Carla LinkFebruary 9, 2022 If you walked up to people the next time you go grocery shopping and asked them what love is, you are sure to get lots of different answers. The Bible, however, has just a few. The passage in the Bible most of us know that speaks about love […]

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