Show Your Devotion to God

Right now is the best time to work with your kids on developing a consistent quiet time. There are many good resources out there to accomplish this. How can you encourage your kids to have consistent devotions?

Set reasonable expectations – Most devotion books allow kids to have their quiet time in 10-15 minutes. Be satisfied with this.

Write it down – Encourage them to write their prayer requests in a spiral notebook or journal, and to use this same notebook to answer the questions that are asked at the end of the day’s lesson.

Sharing keeps kids accountable – One night a week, Dad invites the kids to bring their notebooks and share 2-3 things in their devotions that spoke to their hearts. Have them share 1-2 answers to their prayer requests so kids can see God does answer prayer. Encourage them to write the answers to their prayer requests in the journal.

Lead them to Jesus – Your kids will love hearing what God is teaching you as well. During this weekly share time, Mom and Dad need to be prepared to share 2-3 things they learned in their quiet times that week as well.