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Who is the Rooster in Your Home?

Who is the Rooster in Your Home? by Joey and Carla Link My (Carla’s) grandparents had a chicken coop on their property in Arkansas. I loved to watch the chickens and collect eggs for my grandmother on our visits there. There was one rooster, and he was in control. How did I know this? After […]

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Show Your Devotion to God

Right now is the best time to work with your kids on developing a consistent quiet time. There are many good resources out there to accomplish this. How can you encourage your kids to have consistent devotions? Set reasonable expectations – Most devotion books allow kids to have their quiet time in 10-15 minutes. Be […]

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Doing It

“Doing It” by Joey and Carla Link Parents do a lot of talking. Your kids need to see less talking and more “doing.” It is time to put into practice the frequent words of advice you give your kids.   “Please be kind to each other,” Mom begged her kids. Ephesians 4:32 tell us to […]

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What Are Your Kids Thinking About

Parents often look at their kids and wonder what they are thinking about. Which of us haven’t wished for the gift of mind-reading when it comes to our kids?! You have given your kids consequences for misbehavior, yet they repeat the offense again and again. You wonder if they think you are going to overlook […]

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Apologies are Important

Most moms want their kids to apologize when they have done something wrong. Parents want to know if they should force their kids to apologize when they don’t want to. Why is apologizing so hard? I ask myself that question when I struggle to apologize. To get into the habit of apologizing makes it easier, […]

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