by Joey & Carla Link

© June 23, 2014


Summer activities are in full swing. In driving around town we have seen lots of baseball games and soccer games being played. We observe the uniforms of the teams and families filling the stands to cheer their kids on. Siblings run around, playing on nearby playground equipment.


Baseball isn’t called America’s pastime for nothing. It helps the summer months go by for kids and gives them the opportunity to play with friends. Kids build a lot of character through practice, discipline and team work. A lot of good can come from sports leagues and competitions. I remember my own days of playing ball and recount a lesson I learned from it in our book “Why Can’t I Get My Kids to Behave?”


Little League baseball is a favorite activity of preteen boys and I (Joey) was no exception. I was up for bat in a game, and I thought the pitch was way outside the strike zone. The umpire called it strike three, and I was out. Three similar calls were made on me during the game and I let the umpire and all my teammates know how bad I thought the calls were. Those pitches were balls. Everyone but the umpire knew they were balls and I should have made it to base and possibly been able to score runs for my team.

         Because I was the starting 3rd baseman for the team, everyone was surprised when the coach put me on the bench for the entire game the next time we played, especially since my dad was the assistant coach. Tired of listening to my complaining, my dad told me I didn’t have the right to challenge the umpire. He said my attitude was the reason I was not chosen to be on the league’s coveted all-star team. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Looking back on it, I can see how my dad helped me learn to be respectful and to accept when I was not in control.”


Summer time is also a break from the daily routine of school and academic studies. In our family, when summer came I wanted to keep my kids’ minds sharp so we assigned them specific summer reading projects.  These projects challenged their thinking spiritually and motivated them to dig deeper into some areas they had not yet developed a conviction in.


What areas would be good for your kids to work on?

  • Do they have character flaws they need to grow or develop in?
  • Do they have consistent daily Bible reading time?
  • Are they reading good books that will encourage them to keep living the way you have taught them and God wants?


Summer time is a great time to work on these! To help you work on these areas, you will find in the month of July the following books on sale at the PMP bookstore parentingmadepractical.com for your kids to read.


May God bless you this summer as you redeem the time to train your kids in the way they are to go.