Are You Spiritually Strong?

Are You Spiritually Strong?

by Joey and Carla Link

October 2014

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We started talking about what spiritually strong parents don’t do a couple months ago. Did anything on that list hit you where it hurts? If so, have you been working on it? You can find this blog here.


When we talk to Christian parents, without fail they tell us they want to raise God-honoring children. Well, you can’t raise God-honoring children unless you are a God-honoring parent, which is another way of saying you need to be a spiritually strong parent to raise spiritually strong kids. So, let’s take a look at one key thing spiritually strong parents often DON’T DO!


Spiritually Strong Parents Make Their Kids a Priority Over Activities

Spiritually strong parents show their family they are a priority. We can get so busy we don’t see those who are living in the same house with us. Quite frankly, kids are often in the way of our next “to-do”. Don’t just tell your kids they are important to you. Show them they are!


Your kids will want to participate in everything available for their age, but do they need to? It is common for families to have their children running from one activity or sport to the next after school every day of the week. Parents don’t want their kids to miss out on what other kids are doing. What you wind up with are exhausted, cranky kids who do not excel at anything.


Ask a young adult if he/she thinks the activities they were involved in as kids advanced them academically or career-wise. We have asked many, and 95% of those have responded they did not. Yes, your child can learn about being part of a team by participating in a sport. Does that mean to learn this lesson your child has to be in soccer, football, swim team, gymnastics, dance and more? In God’s eyes people matter far more than any activity or event you or your child has the opportunity to be a part of, and spiritually strong parents know this. Make time for your kids, no matter what their age.


How do you show your kids they are a priority?