Christmas through the Eyes of a Child

Christmas through the Eyes of a Child


Joey & Carla Link

December 2017


Have you looked at Christmas through your child’s eyes? For the toddler it’s new shiny objects to pull off a tree or bows and paper to tear off presents, not that they know what presents even are.


Then there is the child who wonders what the joy of cutting down a tree is, and to have to pick up needles and keep it watered. And why do we bring a dead tree in our house and don’t even burn it in the fireplace?


For a young elementary school child, it’s the excitement of Santa coming and bringing them presents and depending on where they live, play in the snow over their school holiday.


For the older elementary kids it’s the excitement of a new expensive toy they wouldn’t get otherwise.


Kids in middle school are glad for the holiday from school and want to kick back and do what pleases them 24/7. When asked if they have their presents for their siblings ready, they look at Mom like she has grown an extra head. Spend money on siblings?!


Remember when you wished your toddler would sleep in so you could? Well, they are teens now and sleeping in means most of the day. Asking them to watch their younger siblings so you can get last minute shopping done or to help with extra housework before their grandparents arrive is like making them do menial labor.


How do your kids see Christmas in your home? There often is so much hustle and bustle for all the events after Thanksgiving it’s difficult to actually see the celebration of Christ’s birth in any of the above. If we truly want to pass our faith on to our kids, making the reason for the season our focal point in our kids’ eyes should be paramount.


Here are a few suggestions you might consider:

  1. Ask your kids if they would like to have a party to celebrate Jesus birthday? If so, ask them what they could do to make the party about Jesus.
  2. Ask your kids what they are learning in church about the birth of Jesus and what part do they like the best.
  3. Play Christmas songs in the car and house and ask them one night at dinner to share one song that made them really think differently about Jesus birth and Christmas.
  4. Make it special when you take your kids shopping for a gift for a sibling or friend and ask them why they want to give that gift to them. Ask them how that helps them celebrate Jesus birth.
  5. Go look at Christmas lights and rate the best ones that reflect the birth of Jesus.
  6. Ask your kids to look at the ornaments on your tree and share with the family the one that they think best depicts Christ’s birth to them.
  7. Set up Advent candles and read Advent stories every night or at least once a week.
  8. Ask them how they think the family can BEST celebrate our Lord’s birthday.
  9. Look for ways in the community people celebrate Jesus birthday.
  10. Read the Christmas story and possibly act it out as a family. Go see a Christmas play to remind you of our Lord’s birth.


While it can be a cliché to say we all get busy during the Christmas season, it should be about honoring and celebrating Jesus birth! What are you doing to pass your faith on about our Lord and Savior’s birth to your kids?