When Kids Need Encouragement

By Joey and Carla Link
July 27, 2022

It is so easy to get frustrated with your kids when they don’t do what they should do and you know they know better. But have you ever considered what would help your child to choose to do the right thing? Consequences certainly motivate kids to do the right thing and God often used them in the Bible. Is there anything else you can do?

First why did they choose the wrong path? What was so alluring to them? James 1:14 says it’s what tempts us.

“Each person is tempted when they are dragged away by
their own evil desire and enticed.” (NIV)

What would be a child’s evil desires? It is his/her intent to please himself first, and to do whatever it takes to accomplish this. What can help your child overcome these temptations? What can help them turn from the pull of their friends, phones, social media, television, video games and so forth? What can help them when they are discouraged and defeated because they keep getting in trouble for doing the same old thing over and over and over again?

In Judges 20 Israel was tired from fighting.
“But the Israelites encouraged one another and again took up their positions.”
Judges 20:22 NIV

If you have used lots of consequences with your child and see no difference in his behavior, how about taking a different approach and try encouragement? Do you know encouragement means “To give courage to”? If your kids are struggling in one particular area, perhaps they need to be given courage to do the right thing.

Do you know when your kids need encouragement from you instead of another lecture?
Think about these:
When he/she is too tired to finish the paper that is due the next day for school
When he/she is overwhelmed by all that he has to get done
When he/she is too busy to focus on the things that have to be done
When he/she doesn’t think he is smart enough to do the school assignment
When he/she doesn’t know how to complete the task
How do you verbally encourage your child/teen in the way they are to go?

Something like:
I know you can do it!
What do you think you should do? That’s a great idea. Go for it!
When you do obey, you always feel better.
How much happier are you when you are not in trouble?
When you make the right choice, you have more fun.
I would be happy to help you with this project. Just let me know when you are ready to finish it.
How do you encourage your child/teen with action instead of words? When my kids were working on studying for finals plus trying to finish papers, I told them I would do their chores that week. That’s one way – step in and take things off their plate until they catch up.
Encouraging your kids to do right is a great and underestimated tool in training them in the way they should go. Encouraging others is not only a way to get a child’s focus off themselves and on to others, it’s a powerful force to do what is right. The more encouraging they are, the more thankful they will be!
Paul’s final words to the Corinthians:
“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.”
If we are not encouraging our kids, how are they going to know how to encourage others? What are you doing to train your kids to become encouragers?