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Teaching Kids to be Patient

Teaching Kids to be Patient Joey & Carla Link May 13, 2020 What parent hasn’t told their kids they need to be patient? For a lot of you that could be a daily mantra. Let’s face it, no one is patient all the time, but if you have a problem in this area, and most […]

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Take Time for a Mom Recess!

Take Time for a Mom Recess! Joey & Carla Link May 6, 2020 When Moms are in the trenches with their kids, either all day or after work, it can sometimes seem like plowing through 6 feet of mud. In these times it’s easy to lose perspective, especially when you’ve had a bad day either […]

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Is Your Child’s Love Tank Full?

Is Your Child’s Love Tank Full? Joey & Carla Link April 29, 2020 No amount of discipline will be effective if a child’s emotional needs are not being met.  Are you having trouble discerning your child’s love language needs?  The following are some examples of how a young child would demonstrate his/her love. Is she always telling […]

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Getting Chores Done

Getting Chores Done Joey & Carla Link April 22, 2020   Teaching your children to work isn’t the easiest task for parents. While it will determine how successful your child’s future will be, when he/she is whining or arguing with you about doing their chores, all you can think of is next time just do […]

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Enjoying Your Family

Enjoying Your Family   Joey & Carla Link April 15, 2020 To enjoy one’s family is a desire every Dad has. But at the same time, it’s one of the greatest fears and scariest challenges for a Dad. He constantly wonders what he needs to do to make his family happy and feel like they […]

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