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Do You Love Me?

What Your Kids Need to Know Before They Leave Home Do You Love Me? February 14, 2019 Joey & Carla Link   It opened on Broadway in 1964, winning 9 Tony awards before its run ended in 1972. In 1971, it was released as a musical comedy-drama movie, winning 3 Oscar awards.  The movie was filled […]

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Testing your Kids

Testing your Kids Joey and Carla Link February 2019 When our kids were hitting the middle years, I wanted to continue building our relationships by having some good quality talks over a meal. I chose lunch time, giving them a break from school. For my monthly dates with each of my kids, I have fond […]

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What Parents Need to be Sure They Teach Their Kids & Teens

What Parents Need to be Sure They Teach Their Kids & Teens Joey and Carla Link January 2019     Someday, your kids will be preparing to move out of your house. About that time, parents start to wonder if they have taught them what their kids need to know to go out and live in […]

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Others First

Others First Joey and Carla Link December 2018 Christmas is a great time of joy, family and celebration. It’s also a time when everything around them encourages your children to think of themselves and only themselves. How do you teach your kids to think of others first this time of year? Jesus said, “So in […]

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Do Your Kids Have Grateful Hearts?

           Do Your Kids Have Grateful Hearts? By Joey and Carla Link November 2018 While out and about this week, watch and see how many people say “thank you” for the little things others do for them. What about children? Do kids and teens say it without being reminded to do […]

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