Kids, Get Self-Control!

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by Joey & Carla Link

March 7, 2018


When you think about it, it is kind of funny. Kids want to be in control and they want you to give it to them. However, they don’t want to use self-control to gain the freedom (control) they desperately want. Self-control is one of the most needed character traits in today’s society.  Yet it’s one of the most difficult to master. It’s also one of the fruits of God’s Spirit, evidence of His Spirit working in you.


How do you get your kids to work on getting self-control? We answer this in a brand new Mom’s Notes session titled “Kids, Get Self-Control!” It address specifics for younger kids and 8 key areas for kids 7-8 years and up with many ideas for parents to work on with their kids.


If you talk to your friends they will quickly tell you what area their children each need self-control in, whether it is their mouths, hands or feet. A key area we spend a lot of time on is getting self-control of their eyes. If our kids don’t develop self-control with their eyes, they will go after what they want, when they want it because the image won’t leave their mind.


Training kids to have self-control over one’s eyes will help them keep their eyes on their own paper at school, be content with the clothes they have, and make good choices about how they act or where they go and what they do. It would help them learn how to buy only things they can afford and to keep their thoughts pure when looking at members of the opposite sex.


There are so many things controlling our eyes can affect and impact our kids in so many ways.


Wise Solomon said it this way in Proverbs 25:28


“Like a city whose walls are

broken down is a man who

lacks self-control.”


Is your child like a city which has no walls? In biblical times, walls kept the cities protected from those who wanted to attack and take it over for their own gain. A child who hasn’t learned to control his/her eyes will grow into a teen who is vulnerable to temptation and won’t have the self-control to overcome it. Lust can overtake this teen and he goes too far with his girlfriend physically. When driving this teen leaves her cell phone on the seat next to her instead of in her bag and when it beeps, she doesn’t have the self-control to wait until she reaches her destination to look at it.


They don’t have the control to do the right thing when they are tempted with things they see, yet on the other hand this same child/teen can walk right past their bedroom and not see their bed isn’t made and the clothes all over the floor!


Your son creates intricate things with his Legos©, yet uses these same hands to smack his sister when she touches them. Your daughter slams the vacuum cleaner into the furniture and walls when she is completing her chores, yet she creates beautiful hairstyles when playing with her sister’s hair.


Every action our kids choose to do takes self-control. Listen to the NEW Mom’s Notes presentation “Kids, Get Self-Control!” on CD or MP3. You can order the Notes or get them on PDF at You will be blessed!

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