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By Joey and Carla LinkSeptember 8, 2021 Do you ever feel discouraged in your parenting? Do you feel like giving in or backing off from raising your children to be obedient, loving, patient, and kind because it is just too hard?  The next time this happens, perhaps you will think of this story. There was a […]

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How is Your Crop Growing?

By Joey and Carla LinkSeptember 1, 2021 Recently Carla and I were driving by some corn fields and we talked about all the work a farmer puts in to get those corn plants from seeds in the ground to the tasty, sweet corn on our tables. From the off-season planning, to working on the equipment […]

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What are Your Top 10 Parenting Priorities?

By Joey and Carla LinkAugust 25, 2021 If we were to ask you what your “Top 10” priorities in parenting are, what would you say? Is getting your kids to soccer more important than getting them to read their Bible? Are you satisfied for them to get their schoolwork done, or do you insist they get it […]

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Facts and Feelings

By Joey and Carla LinkAugust 18, 2021 “You are being unreasonable!” Lexi shouted at her mother. “She thinks I’m being unreasonable?” Lexi’s mother thought and she wondered once again how to help her daughter get her emotions under control. Dealing with your child’s emotions can be frustrating at best. At times it seems none of your […]

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