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Head Knowledge vs. Heart Knowledge

Head Knowledge vs.  Heart Knowledge Joey & Carla Link January 27, 2018 You have told your 6 yr. old son he has to be kind to his 4 yr. old sister no matter what. God said to be kind to each other and so that is what you all were going to do. (Ephesians 4:32) […]

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Are you Hitting the Mark in Your Parenting?

Are you Hitting the Mark in Your Parenting? Joey & Carla Link January 2018   Have you ever tried to play darts? If so, have you ever hit the bullseye dead center? What a feeling of satisfaction that gives when you hit the mark dead on! Are you hitting the mark in your parenting? What […]

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Christmas through the Eyes of a Child

Christmas through the Eyes of a Child Joey & Carla Link December 2017   Have you looked at Christmas through your child’s eyes? For the toddler it’s new shiny objects to pull off a tree or bows and paper to tear off presents, not that they know what presents even are.   Then there is […]

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Hope Joey & Carla Link November 15, 2017     There were many times in our parenting journey when we were discouraged and wondered how we could teach on parenting. I specifically remember the time we walked into our host’s home before we were teaching in their church and one of the first things I […]

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Grateful Kids

Grateful Kids Joey & Carla Link November 1, 2017   “What does it take to get grateful kids? It doesn’t matter what they get, they always want more.” Have you ever thought this about your kids? I know there are times I thought this about mine.  At those times I (Carla) would wonder how grateful […]

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