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The Video Store

The Video Store Joey & Carla Link January 2017   Our adult daughter Amy came to visit us for a week last fall. After several days of long and hard work around this old house of ours, we all wanted to relax one night. So we went to our local video store to pick out […]

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Do Your Kids Trust God’s Word?

  Do Your Kids Trust God’s Word? Joey and Carla Link January 11, 2017 I (Joey) was in a store buying a new piece of electronics and I had some questions about it before I purchased it. So I asked the customer service tech my question and he said he wasn’t sure as the box was […]

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Gratefulness=Contentment Joey & Carla Link December 2016 At Christmas time, it’s easy for kids to get out of control and their weaknesses of behaviors and self-control to be more apparent. Our phone has been ringing off the hook with people calling with parenting questions. That’s a sure indicator of this. The results at such a joyous time […]

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Encouraging Kids

Encouraging Kids Joey and Carla Link November 16, 2016   It is so easy to get frustrated with your kids when they don’t do what they should do and you know they know better. But have you ever considered what would help your child to choose to do the right thing? First why did they […]

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Who Gets Your Vote?

Who Gets Your Vote? Joey & Carla Link November 2016   Growing up I awoke at 5:30 each morning to ride my bike 3 miles delivering 70 some newspapers. I learned many lifelong lessons from this 7 year, 365 day job. Each month I would collect money from my customers. One day a nice lady […]

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